Although the legislation on foreigners in Spain offers several options for obtaining a residence and work permit as a highly qualified professional, in practice few authorizations are granted in this way. The reason, however, is that in most cases the …

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In a previous article we talked about different aspects of asylum and refuge (in what it consists, the reasons, the procedure, etc.). In practice, the most important of all these points is how to prove the reasons for obtaining asylum …

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Es posible obtener el certificado de empadronamiento aunque no se tenga domicilio fijo.

One of the material documents that you must obtain as a resident in Spain, whether you are in a regular situation or an irregular one (that is, “without papers”), is the certificate of registration (“padrón municipal” or “empadronamiento”), which you …

How to obtain the municipal registry having no domicile Read more »

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Royal Decree 240/2007, of February 16, allows you to obtain residency in Spain, through the community family card (EU family member residence card), if you are a spouse, domestic partner, ascendant or descendant of a Spanish citizen or of the …

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On October 11, the Order of the Ministry of Justice 1625/2016, dated September 30, on the processing of procedures to obtain Spanish nationality by residence, was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). It is, in turn, a development of …

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viajar a España sin visado

In principle, a foreigner who wishes to go to Spain as a tourist must obtain a visa, processed in the Spanish consulate in the country of origin or residence. However, there are some States whose citizens can travel to Spain …

Travel to Spain without a visa: requirements that you must meet Read more »

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