Month: January 2017

How to obtain the NIE in Spain if you are an EU citizen

ciudadano comunitario

Even if you are a community citizen (that is, a member state of the European Union, another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland), if you wish to carry out certain activities in Spain, you

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Franchise Contract: everything you need to know before creating your business

contrato de franquicia

The so-called franchise agreements can be a viable option to start a business, as long as we know its risks and characteristics One of the ways to obtain legal residence in Spain is through a work permit on your own,

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Everything you need to know about registering at the town hall


Learn the details of one of the most important administrative procedures in Spain: register at the town hall. What is registering? Registration is registered in the Municipal Registry, that is, in the administrative register where the residents of a municipality

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When is spanish a son of foreigners born in Spain?

hijo de extranjeros nacido en españa

We comment on examples of cases in which a child of foreign parents possesses Spanish nationality, depending on what is established by the legislation of the parents. As we mentioned in a previous article, although in principle only Spaniards of

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