Month: March 2017

Asylum in Spain: figures for 2016

Solicitar asilo en España

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) has just published its 2016 annual report, with important data on the granting of asylum, which we will comment on below. In 2016 almost 16,000 people applied for asylum in Spain, compared to

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How to obtain residence in Spain by family attachment

arraigo familiar

We tell you below all the details about family ties. One of the authorizations for temporary residence due to exceptional circumstances provided for in the Spanish regulations on Foreigners is the so-called residence in Spain by family attachment, which should

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Differences between community family card and family reunification

emigrar a España con familia

We explain which regime is applicable to each case The community family card and family reunification have certain similarities, in the sense that they allow a resident in Spain to obtain residence for certain family members. However, there are fundamental

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