Month: February 2020

Razones humanitarias venezolanos en España: Renovar o modificar el permiso

renovar razones humanitarias venezolanos

Existen todavía muchas dudas respecto a la renovación del permiso de residencia y trabajo por razones humanitarias que les fue concedido a los venezolanos a quienes se les denegó su solicitud de asilo en España Dicha duda se refiere a

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Who are exempt from the exams to obtain Spanish nationality

nacionalidad española

There are some cases in which the exams for obtaining Spanish nationality (DELE and CCSE) are not necessary In principle, there are two exams required to obtain Spanish nationality by residence, which are administered by the Instituto Cervantes. Namely: the

(Español) Regularizar mi situación en España sin tener que volver a mi país (“inmigrantes sin papeles”)

inmigrantes sin papeles

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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How to obtain the NIE in Spain if you are an EU citizen

ciudadano comunitario

Even if you are a community citizen (that is, a member state of the European Union, another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland), if you wish to carry out certain activities in Spain, you

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Residence card for family members of a European Union national, 14 questions answered

tarjeta de residencia de familiar comunitario

Updated on 02/15/2020 Clarifying the most frequent doubts about the EU family residence card in Spain 1- What is the residence card for family members of an EU citizen? The residence card for a family member of a citizen of

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