EU family members permits: extension of beneficiary family members

EU family members permits: extension of beneficiary family members

Royal Decree 987/2015 has extended the range of family members of a European Union citizen (or Spanish) who can apply for their residence card in Spain, ie the so-called residence under EU rules.

Previously, applications could be filled in by the spouse or partner (the latter duly registered in a registry of de facto couples in Spain, which was a difficulty); the descendants of the EU citizen or his/her spouse who were under 21 years of age; descendants over 21 years of age dependent on the EU Parent (for example, having a disability) and the ascendants of the EU citizen or his spouse in charge of that parent.

Additional Family Members in EU rules

As of December 9, 2015, the following family members of a Spanish, European Union or  European Common Space citizen may also be eligible for this residency under the EU rules in Spain:

-The de facto partner not registered but who can prove the coexistence during a continuous year, or if having a child in common with the EU citizen.

-The other relatives in the country of origin which are in charge or live with him/her

This dependency or coexistence must have been of at least 24 months.

-The other relatives who for serious health or disability reasons, it is strictly necessary for the citizen of the Union to take care personally of said family member.

As we can see, this reform opens the way for a citizen of Spain who is resident in Spain or a Spaniard to bring legally to this country relatives who were not previously included, such as siblings, nephews or uncles, for example, provided that the requirements mentioned are met.

All other requirements

Of course, they must also comply with the other requirements for residency in the EU.

In particular,  demonstrating that he/she has enough economic resources to support them in Spain (through, for example, the EU citizen’s employment contract, income tax returns, bank accounts, etc.) and contracting a proper health insurance for the relative.

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  1. Buenas tardes tengo 2 hijos españoles viviendo en España y quisiera saber si ellos podrían reagrupar a su hermana q no es española ella tiene 16años quisiera saber como sería el procedimiento para q ella obtenga su residencia, muchas gracias

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