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Legal counseling in Spain

Inmigration Law:

1. Comprehensive legal advice in visa processing:
(“visado de estancia” for tourists and students),
(for retired or wealthy individuals),
residence and work
permit (either if working for an employer or as self-employed),
family reunification,
labor, social and family root
ing (“arraigo”),
asylum and subsidiary protection,
regime of EU citizens and their non-EU family,
for entrepreneurs (investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified personnel)
renovations and modifications of visas and
ID cards.

2. Preparation and filing of administrative petitions and applications and administrative appeals against decisions denying them, or imposing fines and other penalties, especially in cases of expulsion or of refusal to grant asylum.

3. Processing of exequaturs for recognition of divorce judgments granted abroad, and advice in procedures for getting married in Spain.

4. Proceedings for obtaining Spanish nationality (by origin, by choice, by residence, by Sephardim origin, etc.).

Civil Law

1. Advice for buying or renting houses, offices or commercial spaces, including, but not limited to, due diligence and drafting and reviewing documents, and paperwork for obtaining bank mortgages.
2. Family Law:
legal separations, divorces, custody arrangements for children, wills, adoptions, incapacity (protection mandates), among others.

Commercial law

Registration of companies, drafting by-laws and certificates of incorporation, drafting and reviewing contracts of all kinds, especially franchising and partnership contracts and licenses. Extensive experience in business negotiations (particularly joint ventures).

Administrative law

Preparation of applications and administrative litigation in any kind of action against the (local, regional and national) Public Administration, with particular reference to Construction Law, and the development of economic activities (such as opening licenses for business, for example).

Tax law

Information and support on basic Spanish taxation, and channeling expert consultations for more complex issues such as tax planning.

Criminal law

legal assistance in cases of prosecution for common crimes (drunk-driving, injuries, domestic violence, property crimes, etc.)

Services in Venezuela

Legal documents

Application and processing of Venezuelan documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, legalization of documents before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The Hage Apostille) and any other as might be required.

Legal counseling in Venezuela

We provide legal advice to Venezuelans, Spaniards and foreigners who wish to pursue any kind of activities in Venezuela, including investments, exports, contracts and judgments, for which we also have the support of highly recognized professionals in Venezuela, particularly in the area of Family Law, such as the Law Firm & Rojas Parra.