Advice and support on immigration, citizenship and asylum matters

tramites de extranjeria y nacionalidad

We carry out the following procedures on immigration, citizenship and asylum:

  • Appointments at Immigration Offices and National Police, for all provinces.
  • Nationality by residence Nationality by option.
  • Nationality of origin.
  • Sephardic Jewish nationality.
  • Recovery of nationality.
  • Residence and work permit for: Social roots, Family roots or Labor roots.
  • Family of EU citizens’ resdidence card: spouses, civil union, parents, children, extended family. Initial card and renewal.
  • Union Citizen Registry (Green NIE).
  • Family reunification permit.
  • Student visa.
  • Student visa extension.
  • Modification of the student visa to work permit.
  • Entrepreneurship Law: Highly qualified staff, Investors, Entrepreneurs.
  • Initial work permit .
  • Non-profit residence permit
  • Visa and card renewals and modifications.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals against the denial of requests for permits, renewals, authorizations, asylum, imposition of fines and expulsions from Spanish territory.
  • Asylum application and international protection.

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