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Spanish family resident card: unjustified denials

tarjeta de residente de familiar de español

The immigration offices of several provinces are frequently denying applications for a Spanish family member’s resident card. The main argument is that sufficient economic resources are not shown or that the insurance policy does not offer adequate coverage. Is this

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How to obtain the NIE in Spain if you are an EU citizen

ciudadano comunitario

Even if you are a community citizen (that is, a member state of the European Union, another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland), if you wish to carry out certain activities in Spain, you

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Financial requirements to obtain the community family card

tarjeta de familiar comunitario

We clarify the doubts about what resources should be demonstrated to obtain the community family card. In accordance with Spanish and European regulations, a community citizen (that is, a citizen of a country member of the European Union) who resides

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What to do if you are denied a community family card (NIE)

familiar comunitario

  Royal Decree 240/2007, of February 16, allows you to obtain residency in Spain, through the community family card, if you are a spouse, domestic partner, ascendant or descendant of a Spanish citizen or of the European Union. live in

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EU family members permits: extension of beneficiary family members

Régimen Comunitario

Royal Decree 987/2015 has extended the range of family members of a European Union citizen (or Spanish) who can apply for their residence card in Spain, ie the so-called residence under EU rules. Previously, applications could be filled in by

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