Month: September 2016

Studying in Spain: Tips for getting a visa

estudiar en España

Studying in Spain is one of the possibilities for residing legally in that country. For this you need to obtain a visa, whose basic requirements we explain below. Study in Spain: admission and economic resources In addition to complying with

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How to obtain Spanish nationality if you are a Sephardic Jew

obtener la nacionalidad española si eres judío sefardí

Thanks to Law 12/2015, of June 24, Sephardic Jews from Spain can obtain Spanish citizenship by letter of nature, without having to reside or have resided in the country. It is the recognition that the State makes to the bonds

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Relocating to Spain with your family: know the options

emigrar a España con familia

Relocating to Spain with family is, of course, more complicated than doing it alone, and not only for the logistical efforts that this entails, but also for the legal procedures for obtaining the respective residence and work permits for family

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EU family members permits: extension of beneficiary family members

Régimen Comunitario

Royal Decree 987/2015 has extended the range of family members of a European Union citizen (or Spanish) who can apply for their residence card in Spain, ie the so-called residence under EU rules. Previously, applications could be filled in by

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