Month: November 2016

What is the red card in the asylum procedure in Spain

qué es la tarjeta roja

We explain what is known as the red card in the asylum procedure, its requirements and benefits The white card, a first step The asylum process begins with requesting an appointment before the corresponding office. At the end of the

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Financial requirements to obtain the community family card

tarjeta de familiar comunitario

We clarify the doubts about what resources should be demonstrated to obtain the community family card. In accordance with Spanish and European regulations, a community citizen (that is, a citizen of a country member of the European Union) who resides

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Homologate foreign university degrees in Spain: everything you need to know

We explain the scheme to approve foreign university degrees in Spain and we clarify the differences with equivalence and validation. The Royal Decree 967/2014, of November 21, distinguishes two concepts: homologate university degrees and ask for the equivalence of university

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All you need to know about the Spanish NIE

what is the Spanish NIE

There has always been a confusion between the Spanish NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero, that is, the Foreinger Identification Number) and other documents such as the certificate of registration of a European Union’s Citizen, the UE family member’s card,

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What to do if they deny the renewal of the residence permit in Spain

qué hacer si te niegan la renovación del permiso de residencia

We explain some reasons why you can be denied the renewal of the residence permit and what to do in those cases. Many people are entrusted with having obtained an initial residence permit in Spain, forgetting that they must renew

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Work in black: what it is and what are its risks

trabajo en negro

The term black work is often used in different contexts. We explain below what it is and what are its effects. Work in black: what is it Also known as working in B, and as the characteristic element of the

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What to do if you are denied Spanish nationality?

qué hacer si te niegan la nacionalidad española

Undoubtedly, Royal Decree 1004/2015 unified criteria for the granting of Spanish nationality by residence and indicates the steps to apply for it online. However, the truth is that a significant number of requests processed under the previous regime are being

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How to create a company in Spain

crear una empresa en españa

One of the possibilities for a foreigner who wants to emigrate to Spain to obtain a residence and work permit is to establish a company or business. Of course, this must meet certain requirements, in terms of job creation, investment,

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