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(Español) Conoce los dos casos de Protección Internacional: el Asilo y la protección subsidiaria

Protección Internacional, asilo y protección subsidiaria

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Asylum in Spain: figures for 2016

Solicitar asilo en España

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) has just published its 2016 annual report, with important data on the granting of asylum, which we will comment on below. In 2016 almost 16,000 people applied for asylum in Spain, compared to

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What is the red card in the asylum procedure in Spain

qué es la tarjeta roja

We explain what is known as the red card in the asylum procedure, its requirements and benefits The white card, a first step The asylum process begins with requesting an appointment before the corresponding office. At the end of the

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Evidence that you must contribute to obtain asylum in Spain

In a previous article we talked about different aspects of asylum and refuge (in what it consists, the reasons, the procedure, etc.). In practice, the most important of all these points is how to prove the reasons for obtaining asylum

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Applying for asylum in Spain: 1,500 people get it every year

Solicitar asilo en España

Lately, many Venezuelans are considering the possibility of applying for asylum in Spain. But is it really an available option? We will try to clarify the doubts about it in this article.  Apply for asylum in Spain: the numbers According

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