Subsidy for returned emigrants, how to obtain it


Find out what requirements and steps a Spanish citizen must take to obtain the subsidy for returned emigrants

What is the subsidy for returned migrants

The subsidy for returned emigrants is an economic aid for Spanish citizens who have worked for at least 12 months in the last 6 years abroad (provided it has not been in a country of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Australia or Switzerland) and They return to Spain. The monthly amount is 432 euros and can be enjoyed for up to 18 months.

Steps to obtain the subsidy for returned emigrants

Discharge consular consulate of Spain in the country where the emigrant has been working and residing returned.
Register in Spain
Make an application for job seeker in the INEM
One month later, request the subsidy, accompanying the following documents:
a- DNI of the applicant and their children.

b- Bank account number in Spain where the subsidy would be deposited.

c- Certificate of returned emigrant issued by the Areas or Departments of Labor and Social Affairs of the Delegations or Sub-delegations of the Government in which the date of the return and the time worked in the country of emigration is recorded.

How to process the returned emigrant certificate

In turn, for the returned emigrant certificate the following documents are required:

-Passport or DNI in force.
-Hold the Spanish nationality before the return, by means of the DNI or passport in force.

-The date of the last departure from Spain, by presenting the passport or any other document that justifies it.

-The data of the return to Spain. The interested party must prove the date of his return and country of origin, providing the Consular Deed for it.

-The work carried out abroad, either on its own or on behalf of third parties and the duration thereof, must be accredited by means of original documents or certified photocopies of work contracts, salary or social security contribution sheets and / or work certificate of the company where it has been worked, in which there will be the time of rendering of services.

-The documents that do not have official character, referred to the work carried out should come adverados regarding their content by the Spanish Consulate. It is convenient to provide, if available, documents that justify the date of the termination of the employment relationship.

-The justification that the interested party has no right to unemployment benefits in the country of emigration will be made by sworn statement or promise of this, stating that from the date of his return to Spain does not receive unemployment benefit or subsidy to charge of that country. In the Venezuelan case, for example, it is convenient to provide proof of Social Security contributions.